My Tech Journey

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In this article, I talk about how I started my tech career and how it's going so far and my plans for 2021.

How it Started

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with how things work under the hood especially electronics. We didn't have the the priviledge of growing up with a computer at home but my mom had a desktop at work which I would always operate and try to figure things out on whenever I visited and for a child I really knew how to navigate and do stuff on the computer easily so choosing to study Computer Science in school was an easy decision.

During my undergraduate study, we were mostly taught the theoretical aspects and I was ignorant of all the opportunities the world of tech offered. Fast forward to graduation, I got an opprotunity to join an startup IT company in 2018 and I can say that gave a push to my career in tech. I started learning frontend development using W3schools and Free Code Camp. I got to learn more than the basics I had been introduced to in school and learnt how to apply the skills I had acquired in real world projects and before long I was already taking up projects at the company.

How it's Going

I have continued to improve my frontend development skills by completing challenges and contributing to Open Source. I just got an awesome course 50 Projects In 50 Days by Brad Travesy & Florin Pop and I can't wait to get started! I plan to go from beginner to intermediate with my React skill, keep improving on my frontend development skills to enable me build more accessible and user friendly platforms and I als plan to contribute more to Open Source projects.


Learning on your own can be daunting but I believe that being consistent with your tech growth and learning will get me where you want to be someday.

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. - Zig Ziglar

I plan to keep learning and improving my coding skills, share my knowledge and help others by blogging and being active in tech commuinities.

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Murewa Ashiru's photo

Nice piece. I like how you know the path for you.

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Thank you for reading